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The former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, once said that businesses should get a presence on the internet or go bust, or words to that effect. We don't fully endorse his views in this respect but we do believe that businesses and clubs, both big and small, should have an effective web presence.

Here at Seabrook Software we are in the position of being able to create your web pages for you as well as arranging a domain name for you, your company or club. Our prices for domain name registration and email forwarding are some of the lowest in the business. Email us at domain@seasoft.co.uk for further details .

Web pages created by Seabrook Software are built with the Serif WebPlus which is one of the most capable web publishing tools available and allows full implementation of Java and Shockwave goodies in your pages.

We trust you will like the design and quality of the web pages you will find on this site. Of course it is necessary to have suitable content for the web pages so it is worthwhile remembering this and getting your ideas together before an interesting site can be constructed.

If you feel we may be able to help you with your web site and you would like more information or an estimate for creating your web site, then please email us at webdesign@seasoft.co.uk and we will provide the information or estimate you require. We look forward to hearing from you.






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