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Desktop Publishing is an area where the small business may be generally ill-equipped to prepare documents and other material which will project the required image of the organisation or business.

We at Seabrook Software we have the expertise to produce anything from the artwork for a 'flyer' up to a complete technical manual. For small runs we can produce high quality laser printed output on our Kyocera laser printers.

We are able to accept data on most media including floppy disc, CDR/RW as well as via email. We can also received printed data which can be converted to a text file. Handwritten copy can also be accepted but since this will involve somewhat more work in preparation it is not considered the best option.

The finished product can be despatched as 'native' DTP files in Serif PagePlus format, or as native word processor files in Microsoft Word 2002, or as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Whatever format it is required in, it can be delivered either through conventional post, by courier service or as as an email attachment although it is highly recommended that you have a Broadband connection to the internet as dependent on the size and complexity of the document/s some files can reach very large proportions. If required the finished product can be delivered on CD or Floppy Disk.

We would stress that we are a small organisation but we are proud of the quality of the work we produce and the speed with which changes can be made. However, we would like to stress that we would be reluctant to quote for a major tome!

Nevertheless, if you feel we may be of assistance to you, whether it is for your new supply of headed paper, your new company brochure, perhaps your club's magazine, or perhaps even mailing labels, then we would be pleased to receive your request at dtpestimate@seasoft.co.uk and we will endeavour to provide you with an estimate for the work involved.






Desktop Publishing