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Seabrook Software, based in Boreham, Essex, in the United Kingdom, was founded in 1990 by Jim Woodmason and Tracey Palmer, who is now Jim's wife, with the express purpose of providing a bespoke software design service for small companies. This was mainly aimed at the sole trader, a sector of the software market which at that time was very poorly served with suitable software packages.

With the appreciation of the market potential in this area by the major players in the software industry and since we had insufficient the capital which combined with health problem more than somewhat curtailed our ambitions, we at Seabrook Software diversified into Desktop Publishing and the occasional web page design. Nevertheless, continuing with our original premise, our target customers are small businesses and clubs for whom we create advertising material, magazines, event programmes etc.

Jim WoodmasonJim Woodmason
Born in Devon, England in 1940, Jim worked for various UK government experimental departments before being employed by Marconi Communication Systems on radio transmitter design and development. During this time he gained wide experience which covered the extremes of computer software all the way through to high power HF radio transmitters and their aerial arrays.

Jim has been actively involved in off-road motorcycle sport from a very early age and although he would like to ride, his health is such that he has given up riding in motorcycle sport. However, he still spends time being involved by organising events and is actively involved in running a National event every November in the East Anglian region of the UK.

Tracey Woodmason
Born in Swindon, England in 1944, Tracey spent several years in HM forces where she gained a good knowledge of electronics with a bias towards radar, particularly its display systems.

Tracey PalmerFurther employment followed with Marconi Radar Systems where the knowledge gained in HM forces was expanded with experience as a technical author which was later put to good use with authoring contracts with British Telecomm and Phillips.

For a number of years, Tracey was a committee member of the Corel Users Association (CUA) until its demise in 2000. As part of that commitment she also provided technical support for CUA members experiencing difficulty with various versions of Corel Ventura Publisher.

Tracey has always been a motorcyclist but after meeting Jim in 1988, she expanded her interest into off-road competitive motorcycling and for some years enjoyed the occasional competitive ride as well as organising and officiating at competitions within East Anglia primarily in the pre-65 classes.






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